2023 Projects

2023 marked Franklin Wells for the World’s 12th year in providing the equipment necessary to access clean water - which increases the overall quality of life for years to come. After completing each FWWF project, we check back with community leaders and residents to assess the project’s impact. We often see tremendous growth and increased opportunities for communities – and primarily women and children.  With another year of FWWF projects completed, the school children, their families, and the surrounding communities have all benefited from new water well installations.



In 2023, FWWF worked with Children of the Wilderness in Mokgacha and Eretsha to assist with subsistence farming for these villages.  Previously, villagers (including women and children) tended to the fields and had to walk 10km to get fresh water each day.  Even worse, villagers collecting water were at risk from local wildlife including elephant attacks. 

FWWF worked with local experts to drill boreholes, install solar equipment, test water, and ensure that villagers were trained to maintain their new sources of water.  Today, roughly 2,500 villagers enjoy access to clean drinking water.

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