Botswana, Zimbabwe, & Sudan Projects

Southern Africa

In 2015, Franklin Wells for the World completed five installations across Africa.

  • Mabule, Botswana 
  • Sipepa School, Zimbabwe
  • Matapula School, Zimbabwe 
  • Akuem Village, South Sudan
  • Ha-Mashau, South Africa

The 2015 projects bring fresh water to more than 18,000 people at an average cost of $6.80 per person. The benefits of the new wells are even more apparent when you compare life before to life after. For example, the installation at the Abba Kingdom Centre church is in a relatively new village of 2,500 people in the Ha-Mashau area of South Africa. Before the Franklin Wells for the World installation, families—made up primarily of single-mother households——were forced to buy and carry water from surrounding villages. The physical and financial costs also meant that there was no water available for anything beyond the most basic human needs.

Since installation, the new solar-powered well and overhead 10,000 liter tank have fundamentally changed life in the village. Woman and children no longer have to buy and carry water, attendance is up at the school—and family gardens are already producing much needed vegetables.