Bilvant Solar Water Project

Bilvant Village, Vadodara Region, Gujarat, India

In June, 2015, Franklin Wells for the World Foundation partnered with the Shroffs Foundation Trust to provide fresh water to the rural Indian village of Bilvant in Gujarat State. Using Franklin Electric’s SolarPak solar pumping technology, the 30,000 liter cistern and elevated tank system delivers running water to the homes of approximately 100 villagers.

The Shroffs Foundation Trust identified the site as a good candidate for a solar pumping system, a village with no power and only one hand pump. Franklin Electric and our partner company, Pluga Pumps provided the logistics, planning, and the product solution. After drilling a 300 foot deep bore well, the Franklin team installed a 1.1 kW Franklin Electric solar pumping system, providing 30 lpm, and powered by eight 280 W CEL PV solar panels that are made in India.

Since the end of the monsoon season, the system has met and surpassed the village’s expectations. For the first time, families are receiving reliable fresh water directly to their homes, improving their quality of life and reducing the incidence of water borne disease.