Gasetsile Project

Gasetsile, Botswana, Africa

The village settlement of Gasetsile is located in Botswana, Africa, 125 miles from the capital, Gaborone, in the Kalahari Desert. Approximately 600 people live in the village, including an estimated 200 children. These families cope with the everyday adversities of living life without access to fresh, clean water.

To get water, the people of Gasetsile relied on a truck from a nearby village to fill a small community tank, a tank that very often ran dry. When there was no water in the tank, women and children had to walk more than a mile to a dry river bed and dig for dirty water. This task was an everyday burden, a necessity to obtain a resource most people take for granted.

In 2010 Franklin Wells for the World Foundation partnered with Orbit Pumps, located in Botswana, to bring the villagers of Gasetsile fresh water.