Franklin Electric's core principles will never be compromised for short-term results. We aspire to be the industry leader that endures, thereby giving genuine value to our customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Code of Conduct

On November 7, 2014, as part of its periodic review of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the "Code"), which applies to all of the directors, officers, and employees of the Company, the Board of Directors approved the 2014 Code of Conduct, which amends, restates, and replaces the Code in its entirety (the "Restated Code"). The Restated Code will become effective as of January 1, 2015. The revisions contained in the Restated Code include, among other things, current versions of certain policies and practices that the Company has already adopted and other non-substantive changes that enhance its readability and comprehension. The changes to the Code did not relate to or result in any waiver, explicit or implicit, of any provision of the Code, including those that are addressed by other Company policies. No substantive amendment to any element of the "code of ethics" definition enumerated in Item 406(b) of Regulation S-K was effectuated as a result of the Restated Code. This summary is qualified in its entirety by reference to the full text of the Code of Conduct.

Corporate Governance Guidelines

The Board of Directors of Franklin Electric has adopted these guidelines in its continuing effort to enhance its corporate governance. The Corporate Governance Committee of the Board will review and amend these guidelines as it deems necessary and appropriate.

Committee Charters

Here we share the charters that govern our board committees and keep Franklin Electric accountable to our shareowners.

Cybersecurity Risk Statement

Tax Strategies

Reporting Accounting Issues

You can report issues regarding accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing or other business conduct at Franklin Electric by using one of the following methods.

Write to the Audit Committee at:

Audit Committee of the Board of Directors
Franklin Electric Co., Inc.
c/o Internal Audit Manager
9255 Coverdale Road
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46809

Call the Franklin Ethics & Integrity Hotline toll-free at 1-800-461-9330

Reports will be taken from any person, Franklin Electric employee or not. You may remain anonymous if you wish, subject to applicable law. All complaints and concerns will be thoroughly investigated. You will receive a response if possible and appropriate. There will be no reprisals against any employee making a complaint, or reporting a concern, in good faith.

Contacting the Board of Directors

Shareholders may communicate any concerns regarding Franklin Electric to the Board of Directors at:

Board of Directors
Franklin Electric Co., Inc.
c/o Secretary
9255 Coverdale Road,
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46809